Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Airline Water

I have heard warnings not to drink the water from the holding tanks in commercial airplanes. I’m not sure what procedures are currently followed for cleaning, treating, and filling the holding tanks. Over all water in air planes or even remote parks which is provided through holding tanks is acceptable to becoming contaminated. Tanks that are used heavily don’t have the same risk as tanks that may just sit. Anything which drops into the tank such as bacteria, plankton, etc has time to grow and can make you quite sick. If you are camping it is safest to sanitize your water and if you are on a plane, pack it.

On a recent trip I also I tried to reduce waste and take a water bottle with me. I took an empty 20-oz Rubbermaid bottle in my carry-on. I cleared security and then filled it from a water fountain in the waiting area. I purchased a 1 liter bottle of water at one of the concessions before boarding. I was able to use the larger bottle to refill the smaller bottle which was easier to drink from and keep in the pocket in font of me. The Rubbermaid bottle also had markings to measure the amount of water so I could mix in an instant drink packet if I wanted something other than just water. It worked out very well. If I had had a layover I could refill both. On my return flight I purchased another large water bottle after clearing security for my return trip. I was able to use the 20-oz bottle throughout my trip reducing the amount of cups and bottles I might have elsewised used.

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