Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trashy to Classy

I just moved our trash center from a hard to get to place to one that is handier to the back door. The move has left a sightly dirt patch which will need to be seeded this fall. The new location is more convent to the back door and is a spot that appears to only allow weeds to grow (wild strawberries, garlic mustard, and moss). Even though the spot is handier I didn’t want the same unsightly dirt patch to appear in the new location.

I decided to make the new trash patio nearly twice the size of the current trash containers to allow for extra bags and cans. I dug out the weeds and some of the dirt to below the grade of the grass and the crawl space access. Leveled it was nearly 2” below grade.

I back filled the whole with three 50 pound bags of paver sand.

Then came the hard part, moving the stones. I dragged the largest piece of flagstone (slate) from the pile in front of the house to the back of the house with the family’s little metal red wagon (they get to play with it and I get I to haul heavy stuff). The one stone covered over half of the area I was working with. The other smalles stones were much easier to bring around to work into the oversize puzzle. I used another 25 pounds of sand to leveled the stones and fill in the cracks. I used 2 bricks to hold the crawl space cover in place and allow for easier removal for access.

In one afternoon I took a potential eyesore to a spot that looks neat and tidy.


  1. WOW! That looks fantastic!!


  2. Thanks, I think the next step will be planting a small bush between the new stone work and the down spout.