Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bentos: First Days of the First Week of Kid Trials

Bento Day One

This was my first attempt at packing a healthy meatless lunch for a tw0-year-old and a 4-year-old. Lunch was cheese sandwiches, peas, chocolate cake, dried fruit (apples, raisins & cranberries) and a low fat vanilla pudding cup too. Each are packed in a Sistema® KLIP IT® Lunch Cube and organized with Wilton® silicone cupcake molds and a beetle spork. To drink each one has a box of apple juice and a box of soy milk (plain for him and chocolate for her).I was hoping I found an acceptable combination of food and cuteness that they each most of their lunches. Well it looked like it was mostly a success. My son said I packed too much food. He also does not seem to like any dried fruit. My daughter lost her spork and her lunch bag was a mess. Thank goodness for it’s easy to clean plastic liner.

Bento Day Two

My second attempt was the favorite standby of peanut butter sandwiches (hold the jelly), Snaps crisps pea pod chips, Trader Joe’s chocolate chip dippers, and organic apple sauce. This time I packed a beetle spoon for each of the kids for their apple sauce. A box of soy milk and apple juice for each one and we have a lunch. Luckily everything came back this time including the missing spork. My son said it was his "favorite lunch" and next time he wants even more peanut butter. They both requested to have the same lunch again.

I packed their lunches the night before and stored them over night in the refrigerator. I am hoping having everything chilled and an ice pack will keep all of the perishables safe to eat.

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