Sunday, June 22, 2008

Office Gardens

I had a poinsettia which was destined for the trash after the holidays the other year. I managed to keep the finicky plant alive and thriving for nearly a year before a co-worker become allergic to it. Then there was the great office shuffle and I was moved from a southern exposure to a northern one. Since then I have been having problems keeping even my “good luck” bamboo happy in my new space.

A few months ago I decided to get a cactus for my desk at the office. Home Depot had a variety of cactus garden dishes and one caught my eye. Surprisingly it is still surviving. I usually don’t have much luck with these sticky little ‘critters’. I’m trying very hard to NOT over water it and so far so good.

I’m going to make another attempt at introducing a new plant to my cubical. I have a few juniper plants I pulled out of the lawn. They have been “naturally’ bonsai over the years since the birds planted them in the middle of the lawn. Each time I mow I am on the look out for these sticky little evergreens which are oh so painful when you find them while chasing a ball through the yard bare foot. While gardening, I have found a few interesting large rocks, fist size or smaller. I am reusing the planter and moss from one of the failed replacement plants which withered over the past year. A little excess gravel from the walkway project and a little water retaining 'gel' from a flower arrangement and I think I have it. This is close to a completely recycled planting. Now I just need to see how well it does in my cubical.

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