Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hawaii: Bento Search

While I was on Maui I did search for some new things to add to my bento collection. There were bento stands with wonderful better than fast food lunches at the Saturday Swap and other places. Long’s Drug Store had lots of different Japanese dishes and utensils but not much for packing lunches. I had hoped to find an assortment of sauce containers but none could be found. I did find several tools to roll sushi. I purchased three to bring home and experiment with.

One is a bamboo mat to roll sushi. This may work better then the aluminum foil or in combination with the foil for the candied sushi I have made and loved.

The other two are molds: one round and one square. I attempted to use the square one to make a “beginner" sushi for the kids. I boiled some baby carrots with a sprinkle of ginger and in a separate pot made some short grain sticky rice. I attempted to assemble my beginners sushi and it seemed to work. It stayed together when I took it out of the mold and when I sliced it. It even looked okay. The kids and the husband were not amazed or inspired to eat. I had messed with their beloved rice.

I think I need to find a friend or a class, or two.

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