Friday, June 6, 2008

Hawaii: Wheat-Free Dinning In Maui

You have no idea how nice it is to walk into a restaurant and not be looked at like some kind of freak when you order a burger without a bun. All of the low-carb burgers I had while I was in Maui were wrapped in a paper wrapper similar to what you see all of those tortilla wrap sandwiches that seem to be so popular. They seem to save the larger outer leaves of the lettuce just to have one to wrap the burgers. If I can just get some places in the metro area do the same.

Ruby’s Diner at the Queen Kaahumanu Center or other wise known as The Queen K. in Kahului. There was a low-car burger on the menu and without any fuss they could make any of their burger selections low-carb.

Carl Jr’s is a fast food burger restaurant in Wailuku. Carl Jr’s had a low-carb burger posted with all of their other selections.

The “tourist” restaurant we ate at in Lahania was able to make a low-carb burger option with just a no bun confirmation. Their portabella with feta cheese and avocado was wonderful. I really mean tourist restaurant. When we went to pay our bill the cashier asked how was the food followed by do we want any souvenirs: t-shirts, cups, etc.

To make your own low-carb burger pick out a few nice big lettuce leaves. Arrange them on your plate so they over lap and are spread out enough to wrap around your burger and all of its toppings. Grill your best burger. Whatever kind you want: beef, turkey, portabella and slide it on top of the lettuce. Now top it with all the fixings you like. The kind of toppings you choose will determine how low-carb your burger will really be. Wrap the lettuce leaves over the top and enjoy. Now it is a bit neater with the commercial food grade wrapper around it but either way it is going to be a juicy drippy delicious mess. Enjoy!

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