Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The day is finally here, the kids are changing schools. I’m not sure who was more anxious: me or them. Friday they had their last day at their old school. I sent cakes for each of their classes and at the end of the day gathered up their bags of stuff for the last time. Both kids asked if their teachers and friends would be at their new school of if they would have new teachers and friends. One little girl asked William if he would miss her. He responded with a “not so much” not sure if he really understands he probably won’t see most of these kids again. We managed to gather a few phone numbers for their closest friends. Hopefully we can schedule a few play dates for them.

(Mom, there are little bugs can we just get in the car and go to our new school?)

I spent most of the weekend planning and shopping for their first day at their new school which is currently running their summer camp program. They were both a bit apprehensive and understandably so since they attended their old school since they were each just 3 months old. They were excited that their new school does not have mulch to get into their shoes. They love the springy new padded surface. I also tried to have them help with the shopping for new school stuff to keep them excited about the transition. So after a weekend of shopping for backpacks, beach towels, swimsuits, pool shoes (crocks), and such they were prepared for their first day. I'm happy to say I was greeted by two very happy kids shouting "mommy, we love our new school ."

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