Monday, May 11, 2009

Gardening Gizmos

I’ve recently picked up 2 new gardening gizmos to help out in the yard. First I picked up a Tubtrugs flexible tub. Since the bucket can be used for food along with pretty much anything else in the garden I thought this would be a useful and versatile addition to the shed. The day I brought the tub home I used it to collect sticks, weeds, and trash from the yard, hold plants I was transplanting and water for them, and gathering lettuce from the garden. I intentionally picked up a color which was not one of the kids’ favorite colors in hopes to being able to keep it for myself. It didn’t work, within a day they had confiscated it for their pool toys. I picked up two more in their favorite colors so I could get mine back. If we need a few more ice buckets at the next pot luck I might need to use all three.

The second gizmo I picked up was a Magic Ring. This simple flexible plastic ring is used to hold open paper lawn bags. In our area yard waste is supposed to be put at the curb in clear plastic bags or paper bags. Yard waste would be grass trimmings, leaves, sticks, sod, etc. The bags are also good for composting leaves, etc. Many of the local gardening stores carry these super sized paper bags. I found the ring took a little practice to get just right in the bag so I wouldn’t rip the bag or have it slip and fall to the bottom. Once I got the hang of inserting the ring it worked great. I could toss invasive weeds in without the bag flipping closed.

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