Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yard Make Over: The Problem

Part of the driveway was used for the foundation for the sun room addition. Water from snow falls and heavy rains accumulates at the base of the foundation which could damage the foundation. In front of the bay window and next to the front door there are 3 full size azaleas crammed up against the house in a space that was more appropriate for a mums or hosta. The cramped space forced the plants to hanging over the walk. I’ve been constantly trimming them just to get the groceries by.

In a 3 foot wide flower bed against the front porch there are 4 full size azaleas which would love to fill a space twice the size. They share the bed with two small pine trees. One of the pine trees leaned a little more with each snow fall and couldn’t be propped back up so it came down.

Then no walk way to the front door and a narrow driveway lead to very muddy feet on rainy days.

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