Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lilac Take A Front Seat

I have beautiful old fashion light lavender lilacs along the back of my property. Every spring they bloom beautifully but so few get to enjoy them. Honestly there at times we only get to see them is when we take out the trash. Each spring they also send up shots close to the base of the main plant. In the past I have cut off a number for my sister to sell as a fund raiser at a school sale and I have given some to a friend to put in her yard. This year I decided some of the new plants needed to be moved to the front so we could enjoy the blooms and to help block headlights as cars come around the corner. I picked a place next to a tree stump since the two together will be easier to mow around and the lilac will take attention away from the stump.

The new plants are easy to pluck from the ground. A quick chop of a shovel disconnects them from the main root ball. Digging a new hole for them to go into is a little more time consuming. I have yet to hear anyone say digging in Virginia clay soil is easy. Once they were planted I lined the new bed with salvaged bricks. This not only looks good but will help protect them from “run away” lawn mowers, dog walkers, and kids chasing balls. Well at least they will see it’s not just more grass to trample.

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