Saturday, May 9, 2009

Office: Spring Flowers

One of my wonderful co-workers was out for a medical reason and I thought I had to do something for her. I may have seen too many of those emails which are floating around showing what people have done to their co-workers while they were out. I thought I needed to fill her cube with silk flowers. Since I didn’t know when she would be back I thought silk would be the best choice. I set a budget and luckily a local craft store had a half price sale on their spring silk flowers. I have to say $25.00 even at a half price sale does not go very far when you are buying silk flowers. The vision of filling her cube with flowers changed to a pleasantly decorated cube. There would be no worries about her getting to her chair or opening any drawers.

I used clips designed for hanging things in fabric covered office cubes to hang 2 strands of spring flower garlands around the top of half of her cube. The gracefully scalloped garland hangs beautifully over the shared printer and her certificates. For the other side of her cube I ‘planted’ a forsythia bush consisting of 2 springs. Two mixed spring flower bouquets fitted nicely into her existing vase.

I had a little more money but not enough for more flowers. I picked up a gardening kneeling pad which I hoped she could use for her recovery or when she gets back out in her garden. I found a pretty journal book covered with spring flowers to brighten her desk too. Lastly, with less than a dollar left I picked up two gourmet butterfly lollipops to fly out of her pen holder.

My initial plan had been transformed into a beautiful cube that she was pleasantly surprised to come back to. She likes enough that she said she was going to leave it up… weeks latter it’s still there adding some cheerful color to her cube and a reminder that she was missed.

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