Sunday, May 10, 2009

Office: Spring Peeps

After I decorated my co-worker’s cube with spring flowers her supervisor mumbled ‘do I have to get sick to get that’. I told her it had to be more then the flu. She may have been teasing but she sure seemed a bit jealous. I started to think of what I might be able to do to/for her. It couldn’t be more flowers. I’d already done that.

A friend on FaceBook posted pictures of her office after her boss “peeped” her. For several years now her boss has decorated her office with marshmallow Peep chicks. Then for even more inspiration there is the annual Washington Post Peeps Show. These dioramas are amazing with the contest winners spending hours or weeks designing and building their entries.

Luckily this co-worker has a sense of humor, likes flowers, and seems really down to earth. So the idea was developing. I would go back into the office after she left for the day and decorate her office. Armed with 10 boxes of 10 packs of various colors of Peep chicks, that would be 100 Peeps, marshmallows, pretzels and Wilton’s 4 tubes of cake decorating frosting the invasion began.

First pink Peeps popped up in her large potted plant. They were later joined by yellow Peeps.

Then green and yellow Peeps sounded off and marched along her filing cabinets.

Others decide to start pecking out a message on the wipe board.

Some camped out on her computer. I did insist they have a Peep poop (sugar) drop cloth so our technical team didn’t panic.

Some insisted on having a coffee break.

But most of the Peeps wanted to party.

They dressed up with flowers on their heads, leis hanging from their necks or mini bouquets and started to dance around a bomb fire fueled by pretzels with flaming marshmallows.

They were joined by 4 Peep drummers and a Peep choir. Others hung around in the background chatting while enjoying the music and the dancers twirling around the bomb fire.

It is truly amazing what you can do with a kid free hour in a quite office. Needless to say she was VERY surprised and will be watching what she says around the office from now on. It took her most of the day to give away most of the Peeps but I think by the end of the week all but one was eaten and it was put on my desk.

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