Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yard Make Over: Preparation

I’ve been working on the yard since we moved in over 3 years ago. Things are slowly improving one plant and one stone at a time.

Two years ago a friend found flagstone which was being thrown away to make way for a new patio. My husband dragged home what seemed like a driveway full. I had a section of the driveway cut and removed to improve the drainage near the house’s foundation. At the same time I had a walkway foundation dug out and filled with crushed stone.

A year ago I installed plastic edging along both sides of a narrow flower bed I want to run the length of the new walkway. I used and over grown clump of green and white variegated hosta to fill the bed. That one clump was so tightly packed that divided it covered the 30 plus feet of the walkway with some space to grow. This year it looks wonderful especially with the Hamilton Bay Solar lights. Last August I was so frustrated with the azalea by the front door I cut one down to 6 inches. It’s come back and needs to be moved before it starts to attack the front door again.

So 2 years latter there is still a pile of salvaged flagstone and other miscellaneous bricks and cement blocks. After gathering bids from 3 reputable local landscapers and masons we choose one for the lingering project. The winner was Oscar and his mason.

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