Friday, May 2, 2008

Walkway Lighting and Plants

In my rose bed I had a huge clump of variegated hosta. It looked it hadn’t been divided in years and it had lots of weeds coming up through it. I dug it up to de-weed it and transplant it along the new walkway we are putting in. It was very dense and difficult to pull or cut the plants apart. I hope I didn’t damage too many beyond coming back. The large clump was enough to do the entire bed, about 2 car lengths. Over the next couple of years it should fill in nicely and a few years after that before it will need to be divided again.

I picked up four solar lights from Home Depot. The Hampton bay solar 2-pack solar LED Landscape lanterns (#585 028) are very similar to the ones I found on line and fell in love with but are about $20 less. I installed two in the morning to let them charge all day. They were looking petty good after the sun set. They were still going brightly for several hours before I stopped checking on them to get some sleep. They did a nice job of lighting the path and the newly replanted hosta. They are working well enough I'll install the other two this coming week. Now I just need to get more stones down for the walkway.

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