Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vegetable Gardening: Fence Me In

I planted three tomatoes - two kinds; Early Girl and Better boy. I have seeds for a third kind which I will sow soon. After reading an article about planting tomatoes year after year in the same place I made an extra effort to make sure they are in a different bed this year. It is always a good idea to rotate crops. Each plant tends to take away and add something different to the soil. Planting the same crop in the same place year after year can cause the soil to be depleted of vital nutrients or become toxic with others.

Took out the last of the wong bok, bok choy, and kohlrabi. The flowers on all three are past. The poor kohlrabi was infested with aphids. I may try them again in the fall with an earlier planting but for now I’m preparing the bed for beans and some other spring and summer crops.

I am tired of tomato cages and steaks that seem to topple, bend or break. I’m trying metal fencing this year. My only concern with this experiment is the possibility of the plants burning against the metal fencing. It should be sturdy enough to hold the plants without toppling while looking really sharp. I have to say with a few bags of mulch for the walk way and the new fence it is looking really nice. The neighbor who is often complaining about other yards will have a harder time complaining about mine this year.

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