Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hawaii: Lahaina

(Our lunch time view of Lanai)

One day we drove to Lahaina to gallery hop and shop. It was a beautiful drive from tropical breezes to a climate more like the one you find in Arizona, hot and dry. The lower vegetation highlighted the mountain's majestic profile as it rose up to the sky. To the other side there was a gentile slop down to the sea.
Lahaina is on the west side of Maui and was originally a whaling town.

Lahaina is a beautiful little town along the coast line. The main street is filled with shops and galleries. Many of the artist featured were local with a fair mix of other exceptionally talented artist. There my tour guide introduced me to some fabulous works including those of Vladimir Kush. As a Salivador Dali and Rene admirer I was amazed at the details and imagination shown in Kush's works. We also saw works by Bernard K Passman, Peter Max, The Twins (Alessio and Marcello Bugagiar), Robert Bissell,  and so many others. Robert Bissell's creatures are a delightful mix of realistic details and the whimsy of a cartoon. The Twins had Orchid Symphony on display. The detail of each flower and pot was amazing. 

It is definitely good to have a friend who enjoys similar art and gallery hopping. It made for a perfect outing. 

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  1. I have a small mountain a state away out my office window that reminds me of the view of Lanai and a wonderful lunch catching up with a good friend.

    The view is missing all the boats but the trees are beautiful and their changing colors are beautiful to watch.