Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hawaii: Trust Your Tour Guide

Mo'i Mo, No Ko Oi
(King Mo, No find better )

I was lucky since I was visiting a long time friend who was also going to be my island tour guide. As he took me from one wonderful place to another I could easily trust my tour guide to make the right decisions based on the weather, drive time to each of the sites and how long we might want to linger at each one to ooh and aah. It has always bugged me when visiting someone at a new place they insist on me picking what I want to do even after saying I had no idea what was around their home to visit or do. I can understand asking a guest if they had anything in mind to incorporate into the plans or to have an idea what they are interested in. My tour guide did just that and ran with it. We went shopping and gallery hopping in Lahaina, a drive along the road to Hana, Maui Ocean Center "Maui's Aquarium", a drive up Heleakala to see the Heleakala Observatory, and of course spent some time the beach. 

For some Maui Island history and statistics check out it's Wickipedia page at

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