Saturday, May 3, 2008

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer - Event Eve

The Team MBA was going to be checking in at Event Eve for the Washington DC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in a few hours. My thoughts were bouncing between "OH MY GOD, IT"S TOMORROW" and "WE CAN DO IT".

I went to Event Eve with two checks in hand that took me up to my fund raising goal of $2,200.00. Now all I have to do is walk 20 miles tomorrow and another 13 on Sunday. I think I can, I think I can......

Team MBA raised over $52,000 dollars. Our little 15 member team raised enough to be in the top 10 fund raising teams for the Washington DC walk. Actually we were #7 when we checked in on Friday. Our team captain Glenda, a 2-time breast cancer survivor, had us all wear our gray walk shirts and new camo hats to check-in. We definitely left an impression as we walked in together.

We can do this.

We said we were going to raise $35,000 and we rose over $52,000.

We have trained and we will walk as far as we can carrying the message

We can find a cure for breast cancer.

Thank you for all of your donations and support.

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