Thursday, May 29, 2008

Balticon 42: Masquerade

Well we pulled it off. William insisted the cats had to have white bellies so there was last minute bellies pinned onto all three cats. Little Cat W and Little Cat S appeared in the green room about 40 min before stage call. Plenty of time to get ‘oos’ and ‘aws’ from their adoring fans in the hallway and get their professional photos taken before lining up with the other young fans to go on stage. There were 8 young fan (under 13) entries. Our mischievous cats were the last ones to go onto stage.
(Listening to the rules in the Green Room)

William wanted to go on before cue and Selena wanted to stay back stage to watch the giant screen. Tim managed to get them onto stage but they stopped before hitting their mark and then over shot it. I was on the other side trying to get them to wave to the audience. Well they did at least look at the audience at least once. The message relayed to me from the tech crew was I was herding cats. Yes I was and this time they were even dressed as cats. The audience seemed to love them. The folks in the hall taking amateur photos had fun with them too. They returned to the stage to get their ribbons. We picked up their certificates on Sunday to add to their scrap books.

Since their hats and bows were store bought and the kid gloves too I didn’t enter into the workmanship competition. The kids seemed to have more fun with it all showing up closer to show time. For me to enter the workmanship competition we would have had to be there 2 hours before the show. We did that the last 3 years and then the judges decided not to judge the adult made kids costumes at the last minute. One friend from the green room suggested I might have been a bit too much competition for a novice. The flattery helped but I don't think I'm that good yet.

William wants to go on stage next year by himself as a super hero. I can work with that and we can have one of us in a "ninja suite" ready to go on with him just in case he decides he wants company on stage. Tim's cat shirt and pants should make for a comfortable ninja outfit for quite a few years to come. Selena seems to love the attention of the photographers and being on stage. We'll have to think of some thing for her to go back on stage next year too.

My little stars shined.

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