Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flock Party: Flocking The Hall

Shaun the Sheep has a full flock to watch over. The flock was going to be turned into decorations for the party. I made the mum, baby Timmy and an anonymous sheep.

The white corrugated plastic I salvaged was perfect for making sheep. I pealed off the film with the conference information to get a clean white surface. If I planned carefully I could get a one sheep out of each poster board. The head I cut free hand and colored with Sharpie permanent markers. I drew random lines, squiggles, and spirals in black and gray crayon and markers to add depth to their wool. The head is attached to the front body piece with sticky Velcro squares. I used a metal kabob skewer to punch small holes on either side of where their ‘necks’ are so I could loop twine through and tie them to the shelter’s post or a near by tree.

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  1. Ops, I left out one of the show references. There is one episode where Shaun makes wood cut outs of the flock to fool the farmer while Blitzer rounds up the flock. The flock also often recycles things from the farmer's junk pile to entertain themselves.