Friday, October 16, 2009

Flock Party: Shirley’s Wool

In Shaun the Sheep’s flock there is one very large sheep called Shirley. She is so big she is often pushed from place to place. She has been used as a trampoline and the bottom of sheep pyrimids. Her wool is like a magnet for stuff. It is amazing the things they find when they go searching in her wool. Shirley’s Wool inspired several kids’ games for our Flock Party.

I purchased a bag of Poly-fill stuffing from the local craft store and a bag of 50 assorted small party favors from Oriental Trading Co. I used my Excess Baggage Tote by Baggallini to hold my “wool”. Any bucket or bag which won’t easily tear will do. I used about 1/3 of the Poly-fill stuffing. You could also use real wool or cotton, scraps of yarn, or even fabric in place of the stuffing. If you use wool you may want to make sure none of the participants have a wool allergy. I pulled small pieces of the stuffing apart and stretched it before putting it into the bag. Then I added the bag of party favors. Mixing the stuffing and toys together stretched the stuffing out more and tangled the toys so they all didn’t just sit on the bottom of the bag.

As the party wrapped down I pulled out the bag of Shirley's Wool and let the kids reach in to pull out a toy. They were told not to peek but there was definite peeking and even some toy trading, but that was okay. They had lots of fun trying to find what was hidden in the ‘wool’.

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