Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flock Party: Shirley Toss

If you have seen Shaun the Sheep you know you are not likely going to be tossing Shirley. She’s just too big. BUT you can toss things into her wool. In several episodes things get thrown or fall into Shirley’s wool and in the ‘goat’ episode the goat and Shaun go right trough her. These were the inspiration for the Shirley’s Toss.

I made a small model out of paper to and started to think about how I could make it work. I initially thought of using cardboard but beanbags would destroy cardboard. I decided pingpong balls would be an option.I was still trying to decide between recycling cardboard boxes or cut the shapes out of wood. I came across some white corrugated plastic and decided it would be more earth friendly and easier for me to manage.

I salvaged white corrugated plastic which was used for conference signs. I pealed off the film with the conference information to get a clean white surface. I used 3 sheet s: the head, front & back.I found that kitchen scissors worked fairly well. The head I cut free hand and colored with Sharpie permanent markers. I cut the front and back separately and free hand trying to get the fluffy curvy look of a sheep. I used a glass as a patter to cut circles in the front pieces. I used a small bowl to cut one in the center of the front and the back pieces (straight through). The head is attached to the front body piece with sticky Velcro squares. I used a metal kabob skewer to punch small holes to attached the front and back pieces. The top edge is attached with 1 inch ring binder rings which act as a hinge. On the sides there is a place for twine to keep it from opening up too wide. Shirley looked a little 'flat' so I used black and gray crayons and markers to draw random swirls and squiggles to look like curly wool. I found neon pingpong (table tennis) balls at Oriental Trading Co.

The game is adorable but the day of our party was too windy to actually play it. I’m tucking it away to bring out at the next party.

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