Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flock Party

Life has been a bit crazy. It's time to get back to the keyboard. :)

I've been planning a Flock Party for the past few months. What is a Flock Party? Glad you asked. It is a party for friends and family. It is a play on a block party. Ours was to celebrate family, friends and 2 little ones making it to their next birthday. Luckily the birthday kids didn't mind sharing the day. They know and play with each other friends. It also made it a bit easier to invite the the whole family. So the party invites went to family, the kids friends and their immediate family.

Several of the guest were allergic our cats and our home is small so I needed an alternate party place. After a bit of research I chose a wonderful county park with restrooms (flush toilets), picnic shelter, and a nice location. Since small children were attending having flush toilets and places for hand washing were an essential. I hoped we wouldn't need the shelter but since it was rain or shine I wanted to be prepared. It rained over night and through setting up so it worked out for the best. We had dry tables. No I won't reveal the name of the park, but I will tell you a bit of research and planing can make a big difference.

Our Flock Party also had a bit of a sheepish theme. We love Shaun the Sheep ( Many of the things we did were inspired by episodes of the show. Over the next few days I'll share some of the recipes, crafts, and activities we did at our Flock Party.

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