Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flock Party: Sleeping Bag Races

Shaun the Sheep has a camping episode. In the episode one of the sheep crawls into a sleeping bag to check it out and gets stuck. For awhile she jumps around before her back legs tear through so she can walk again. This was my inspiration for our Sheepish Sleeping Bag Races – sack races.

Sack races can be done with old feed bags or store bought bags made just for them. I found sacks for sack races at Oriental Trading Co. They had several kinds but I decided to get the 6 smaller kids sacks with handles and ‘racing’ numbers.

The day of the party had light rain right up to when the party started. I was concerned about doing sack races on the potentially slippery grass. Luckily the volley ball game ended well before we were ready to do sack races. The sand provided a fantastic surface for hopping kids. It dried more quickly then the grass and made for a softer landing as they scurried (or flopped) from one end to the other.

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