Monday, October 19, 2009

Flock Party: Frisbee

Shaun the Sheep can be seen playing catch with Blitzer (the dog). The two playing Frisbee is the opening scene for Blitzer’s love story.

I found design your own flying disc at Oriental Trading Co. When I was shopping for the party they were priced $13/24 but if you bought 3 or more the price went down to $8. At those prices I ordered 3 pack. That’s 6 dozen flying disc. I experimented with a poster paint marker which was suppose to work on plastic and Sharpie permanent markers. The markers worked better. They do smear a little and can rub off but it was far better then the paint option. If you scuff up the plastic it will adhere better, but who wants to scuff up 72 flying disc. I purchased 3 colorful packages of thick and thin tipped markers and tossed in the markers we used for the cup coloring. We handed out flying disc to all of the kids and encouraged the parents to do one for themselves too. The art work was amazing. All of the kids young and old seemed to really enjoy the activity. Some finished quickly and took their disc for test flights. Others used them to dig in the nearby volley ball court. They were having such a good time I didn’t interrupt .

The samples shown were done by my little ones and their big sister.

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