Saturday, August 16, 2008

Corn, Watermelon and Zucchini, Oh My

A few of the corn stalks are doing very well. I have about 5 which have one or two ears of corn developing quite nicely. Some of the ones from the second planting are trying to catch up but some rodent, possibly squirrels, are still nibbling them off just above the ground. The darn little critters aren’t even eating the rest of the stalk. They are just leaving it there to brag about their vandalism.

The watermelon is also having some rodent problems. Every once in a while another section of the vine has been nibbled off and left to curl up and wither in the sun. there were lots of quarters size melons but so far only a handful have gotten to a small fist. One has made it to the size of a softball. The kids are starting to have high hopes for the little fella. Hopefully the rodents don’t get it or its life line.

Zucchini have formed beautiful mounds of green foliage decorated with bright pumpkin colored blossoms. They are beautiful and fruitful. Much to the children’s dismay we are now getting one or two each day. They seem to be wondering how mom will get it to appear in the next dinner.

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