Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Summer Vacation

It seems strange but this is the first year the kids have been in a school that closed for a week. Between sick days and long weekends I usually used up or saved my time off for the next cold. Since the daycare was closed we were forced to take time off. Time I don’t really have but luckily I have an understanding boss and there is a pay back system. The next few blog entries will be some of the things we did during our week together.

How I spent my summer vacation: Day 1

Our summer vacation started with a family yard sale. I was up at 6 and my help started to wonder out awhile latter. We took box after box after crib after toddler bed and other things we out grew or just no longer needed. Signs went up and after over an hour of displaying it across the front yard we were ready. Several hours latter the majority of the stuff was gone and we had a few dollars in our pocket to show for it. Yard sales are definitely not a big money maker but it is a good way to recycle. Everything sold didn’t go to a land fill. The things not sold will have one more chance and then will go to a local thrift shop.

Once the yard sale was wrapped up we headed to a company picnic at J.R.'s Festival Lakes. This picnic site is run by the same people as one of the best local steak houses J.R.'s Stockyards Inn. The grounds and food are fantastic. The company arranged for all the extras to make it a great event. The band was rocking. My little girl dropped the corn on the cob she was chowing down on to start dancing to 'Mustang Sallie'. It was a priceless sight. My son now isn’t sure if he wants a guitar or a base guitar. The ping-pong table was a bit too much of a challenge for the 2 and 4-year-olds. The air hockey table was a hit. The inflated water slide was a huge hit with my son. This was the third year we have had to drag him away from it to leave. The moon bounce was my daughter’s favorite. It was a dinosaurs theme this year and had a rock climbing wall inside. After watching the bigger kids scale the wall she wanted to do it – by herself. After a few trial runs with help up to the first ‘rock’ and a lesson on how to use the rope she was off and keeping up with those big boys.

Our busy day left us all so exhausted we decided to use our hard earned yard sale money for Chinese delivery for dinner. After baths and showers we all fell into bed to see what day 2 would bring.

It was a great start to a summer vacation.

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