Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Green Spring Gardens Park

This past Sunday I took the family to Green Spring Gardens. It is a county park of gardens and duck ponds. The kids had a great time. For nearly 2 hours we walked just over a mile at a preschool exploring pace. We were weaving between gardens, ponds and creeks. We had to stop and watch the running water form miniature waterfalls and whirlpools. We searched the water for minnows, painted turtles, and water bugs. We tried to follow darting dragon flies as they flew across the water. The water lilies fascinated the kids. They wanted to walk out and touch the lily pads and smell their beautiful flowers. We spent some time trying to explain why they couldn’t. We ate a snack on a stone bench overlooking the pond in the shade. The kids asked if their gold fish crackers could swim with the little fish. We wandered twisting and turning paths to see beautiful flowers and busy bees. The kids have a list of flowers they now want me to plant in our yard and want to go back. I would love to go back to check out the historical building, the horticultural building, and the gardens we didn’t get to this time.

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