Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun Bentos

I think one of my kids favorite lunches is the once a week, or less often, snack bento. The suggested lunch list had cheese and crackers listed. At first I snickered at the idea of packing cheese and cracker for a kids’ lunch but then I thought about it. If the crackers are baked what is the difference between that and a cheese sandwich? I do try to get multi grained crackers and pretzels but they do occasionally get fluffy white Ritz crackers.

Snack bentos usually happen on Friday morning. I just can’t come up with something creative and decide they deserve a treat. My little mice love stick cheese. Throw in some crackers or pretzels, dried or fresh fruit, a veggie and a desert. Yes there is actually a vegetable in that photo and it isn’t a fried tater tot or French fry. There are these wonderful baked pea pods that still have some nutritional value of a ‘real vegetable’, Snapeas. The kids and I love them. I try to make sure they are only an occasional treat since a fresh or canned veggie has so much more to offer.

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