Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanna Blew Through

The kids and I played in Hanna's rain for a few hours before having a warm lunch. They splashed in puddles, jumped in the pool, played in the wheel barrow (which filled twice from the rain) and raced around the house. I circled the house to check for possible problems. I cleaned out 2 down spout toughs and dug out the sod past one to guide the water away from the house. I stacked up a few salvaged cement blocks and capped them with a square one for a plant stand I have been meaning to put together on the drive way. I got some work done and the kids had fun. After a warm lunch, we got the kids to their beds for a long nap. We lost power so we ALL took naps. My son came and curled up with me. That is such a good feeling.

Our power just came back on... just over 3 hours of outage. We napped for most of it. Everything else at home seems to be checking out okay.

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