Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prehistoric Bentos

I was getting a bit bored with packing their lunches. It was time to find something new to add to the mix. While shopping at the local grocery store I found this really cute sandwich cutter which makes two dinosaurs and cuts off the crust of the sandwich. I’m not sure why you would want to cut off the yummy crust. My kids will gobble it up with the rest of their sandwich. The price was right and the kids each wanted one. After convincing them we only needed one we brought it home. It cut the bread and cheese quite nicely. The bread was large enough the crust was long skinny mini sandwiches for them to gobble up. The dinosaur cheese sandwiches were a hit. I’m hoping the sandwich cutter will double and a fun cookie cutter shape.

The sandwiches were decorated with fruit leather flower cut outs. I used mini cookie cutters and strips of fruit leather. My daughter though that was the best part of her lunch. My son is still not to sure about any dried fruit. I think he would be happier if I use the cookie cutters for making cookies.

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