Friday, September 12, 2008

Hawaii: Loco Moco

The influence of my trip to Hawaii this past spring are still surfacing. I called my friend, Mo’i Mo to chat while he was making lunch. He was searching his cupboards for gravy for Loco Mocos. I remember watching him eat one of these unique dishes while I was there. This local combination of white rice, hamburger, egg and brown gravy looked as good as he was describing it to be. As much as my mouth was watering watching him eat it I didn’t dare try it. Traditionally wheat flour is used to thicken commercial and most homemade gravies. Listening to him search for gravy and describe what he was going to make must have gotten to me. As he was making lunch I was trying to decide what to make for dinner (time zones). The kids wouldn’t eat hamburger but they would eat eggs. That’s it! Scrambled eggs and rice for the kids and loco mocos for the adults. Unfortunately I had the same gravy problem as he did, so ours went without. It wasn’t a bad attempt but I think the gravy really adds the mouth watering effect. Next attempt will have to have wheat-free gravy.

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