Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Remember typing 01134 on your calculator in school and spinning it upside down to see the word hello. Hello Communications in the United Kingdom used as their URL. Now in the world of the internet and email there are so many creative characters made up of various letters, numbers and symbols found on the keyboard.

Then came the emoticon. Without tone of voice and body language those emails and chats can seem pretty cold. This is an attempt to ‘personalize’ the sometimes relatively cold world of email and written form. has a wonderful write up and samples of these little creations.

:-) Smile

(-_-) Bored

/)_- Duh!

{:-€ Cthulhu

And what I was truly hoping to find was a page full of little characters such as this cute bunny. I’ve seen roses and other doodles in the past but as usual once you go to look for them they are………………gone.

(\ /)
( . .)


  1. Try googling "ascii art".


  2. Perfect. Thanks! and have larger galleries of ascii art and there are so many more. Most of it reminds me of the 'computer graphis' I grew up with. :)