Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friends and Projects

I’ve been blessed with friends who help me accomplish some of the ideas and projects that I wouldn’t be physically able to on my own. Since the end of December we have been working on my daughter’s room. My husband and I managed to remove horrific paneling, repair a wall, replace trim, prime and paint the room on our own. A wonderful friend has helped us repair holes in the hardwood floor and now install shelving.

I had picked up three 4-cube shelves from the local craft store. I l primed and painted them white to match the trim in her room. When I went to install the shelves I discovered the electrical outlet would be blocked with my initial plan. Lesson: measure and re-measure. That is where Keni came to the rescue, again. I explained what plan A was and the new plan B. He is always kind and didn’t laugh too much. He developed a plan C and went to work. He doesn’t do well with a helper. I try my best to watch what he dose so I have a chance of doing some of this on my own some day. By the time he rushed off to work on the next project he had installed a shelf that could probably hold a good size rock collection securely to the wall.

My daughter is so happy that her Ariel snow globe has a safe place in her room.

Thank you Keni.

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