Sunday, April 13, 2008

Walking in the Zone

Those with allergies and other food restrictions will understand the need to take your own food to many events and gatherings. My need to avoid wheat gets more challenging while walking or working charity events. The need for high carbohydrate foods and foods that are easy to feed the masses usually is not compatible with wheat or gluten-free diets.

One of the treats I often pack as my walking snack or lunch are The Zone Perfect Bars. The bars are offered for people following The Zone diet by Dr. Sears. The diet promotes using a balanced diet wisely to promote good health. I have found that many of their bars are wheat-free. These bars come individually wrapped and easy to fit into a pocket, pouch or my purse. Along with being very portable I have found them to be quite tasty. I have liked just about every flavor I have tried but my favorite has to be the chocolate graham bar. As someone who has not been able to eat a graham cracker for 6 years I find the chocolate graham bar a wonderful way of having the taste of a wheat treat without the wheat.

If you have a wheat allergy read the labels carefully. I picked up the same bar in two different stores. One had wheat and the other did not.

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