Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spelt Bread

I haven’t found a gluten-free bread that I really like for sandwiches, French toast, etc. Most of the ones I have tried are very expensive and grainy and dry. The last few loaves I tried crumbled when I made a sandwich the day I brought the loaf home and with in days got moldy and that was even with storing it in the refrigerator. Since I can tolerate gluten and can eat spelt I have been sticking with Traders Joe’s Organic Spelt Bread. The texture and taste remind me of an old fashion whole wheat bread. I like the taste and the rest of the family does too. It does run about twice the price of a loaf of white wheat bread from the corner grocery store but it cost much less then the gluten-free loaf breads.

I do find the store bought spelt bread great for sandwiches but not so much for French toast, bread pudding and those other dishes which call for a lighter tasting bread. For these I make a homemade spelt bread in the bread machine with either all white spelt flour or 2/3 white spelt and 1/3 whole spelt fours. The spelt flour works relatively well in the bread machine for the regular white bread recipe.

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