Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Philly Cheese Steaks on Tapioca Hamburger Buns

I so miss Capriotti’s Cheesessteaks back in Delaware. I first missed them when I moved to another state and discovered the use of “Philly” in a description of a cheese steak has been completely misused. Growing up in the greater Philadelphia area (okay eastern Pennsylvania) I don’t recall anyone putting fresh tomatoes and lettuce or mayo on a cheese steak or least not a PHILLY cheese steak. I had seen lots of choices in types of fried or pickled peppers, onion or kinds of cheese but never mayo.

Then once I finally figured out how to order a cheese steak and get a Philly cheese steak when I wasn't in Philly or Delaware I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Since then when I have visited friends in Delaware I have stopped by Capriotti’s and asked for a Philly with sweet peppers, fried onions, provolone cheese and NO bread. It is such a soupy mess in the take out dish, but it taste oh so good. I’ve been looking for a good wheat-free bread that could come close to my memory of how good the homemade sub roles at Capriotti’s are to make a real sandwich instead of the cheese steak soup I have been having. Well I don’t think it exist, but I’m going to keep looking.

In the meantime I may have to settle with Ener-G Foods Tapioca Hamburger Buns. I found them at Healthway Natural Foods and decided to try them. These buns are completely gluten free. The first time I tried one of these buns a few months ago with a hamburger. I took two or three bites and gave the rest to the birds. The other night I decided it was to give them another try or give the rest too the birds too. Must say I was surprised how well the buns held up in the refrigerator. Most of the rice breads I have tried were moldy within a few days and even on the first day home very crumbly. The buns looked and felt as fresh as the day I opened the package nearly 2 months earlier. Maybe a gooey cheesy greasy cheese steak filling on top would make it taste good. Well it worked. I layered cheese, fried onions, onions, and steak and another layer of cheese and it tasted wonderful. After the hamburger I would have said I would never buy these again. Now I might need to give them another chance or at least buy them for my next trip to a Capriotti’s Sandwich Shops.

For those of you not familiar with a cheesesteak here is Wikipedia’s page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheesesteak

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shops

If you can eat wheat and find yourself neat a Capriotti’s you have to try their bobby sandwich. A bobby was another one of my favorites. A bobby has homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo on their fresh sub rolls. I have yet to find away I can have one of these on a wheat free diet without making everything from scratch.

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