Friday, April 18, 2008

Saving Socks: One Pair at a Time

I’ve been on a crusade to save children’s socks since the birth of my son. If you thought the washer and dryer lived only on adult size socks you are completely mistaken. Those cute little baby and toddler socks are the perfect appetizer for those big machines. I have found the best way of preventing small socks from being gobbled up is to put them into a sweater or other washable laundry bag. The dirty socks go in at the end of each day and on laundry day it gets tied shut. The handy little bag then just goes from washer to dryer then to the right kids pile of clean laundry. I just dump the contents into their sock drawers and put the bag back next to their hampers to get refilled. Over all it works really well. There have been a few occasions where the bag has come untied and the great sock hunt through all the clean laundry had to happen but this is rare. It is amazing how much work can be saved by one little well tied bag.

Since the kids were young I have been training them to put their dirty socks into their sock bags. They have gotten pretty good about it and only need the occasional reminder. Now if I can just train their dad to use them too.

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