Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gefilte Fish: Fish Meatballs

Some of my friends dread being served gefilte fish and others look forward to it each year. Now that I have found a tasty pre-made gluten-free gefilte fish I’m stocking up for easy to prepare dinners for months to come. We’ll enjoy some as soup, on salad, on crackers, and any other way we can dream up.

Rokeach makes gifilte fish in Heimeshe Sweet and Gourmet sweet. The family has tried and loves the Heimeshe Sweet and in our mad dash to fill the pantry have purchased a couple of the gourmet to try.

Gefilte fish is basically a fish meatball with origins from western Europe. Wikipedia has wonderful photos and description of gefilte fish. There are many wonderful recipes on the web and in cook books for gefilte fish.

I came across a delightful Gifilte Fish Story by Lawrence Sherry on Cyber Kitchen.

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