Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Tartans

For my first wedding I did research into my family’s tartan. At the time I only considered my mother’s clan MacIntyre and my Father’s family of Teall. It never occurred to me to look into the other part of the family for a Jewish tartan. Evidently there are two different official Jewish tartans to recognize the 300 plus years Jews have been living in Scotland and contributing to the culture.

The more recent Jewish tartan was voted on just this year. This tartan was initiated by Rabbi Mendel Jacobs. It is registered by the Scottish Tartans Authority and is 100% kosher. This tartan is a non wool-linen mix to follow kosher laws. The pattern and color choices are to reflect the Scottish-Jewish culture and religious history. His site explaining his Jewish Tartan is at A good story about this tartan can be found at

The other Jewish tartan has been around a bit longer. This kosher tartan has been registered through This kilt is 100% wool (no linen).

Both fabrics are beautiful and look like they would go beautifully with the MacIntyre modern hunting tartan which has forest green and a deep blue as its primary colors with accents of red and white.

I just might need to do some more fabric shopping.

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