Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bringing Music Home

After not playing for nearly 25 years I bought myself a ‘new’ guitar. It is a used acoustic/electric 6-string guitar. After only having 2 months of lessons back in high school, it is almost like I never played. I know almost nothing. The teacher I had never taught us to read music. I’m starting from scratch. I brought it out twice so far and practiced some bar cords and strumming. At least I remember that much.

I went to the store 3 times. The first 2 times with the kids, needless to say no testing guitars happened those trips. They both want ‘batars”. When they can say it we’ll think about getting them each one for their birthdays. In the store William was trying hard to say it. Selena was trying too but in the middle of the store after several attempts she announced she wanted an ‘instrument’ as clearly as could be. Everyone that heard her was obviously impressed and amused. Since they changed from ‘batar’ to ‘instruments’ I got a dollar store recorder/flutes and nice tambourines for each of them. So the kids have a few more things for the box of musical instruments I have been collecting for them. They had a bongo drum, Little Tikes tambourine, maracas from Mexico, several kinds of shakers, etc. to share. I also share my basket of instruments which so far consist of a bodhrán (Celtic drum), gourd shakere, egg shakers, a whistling tube, and other small noise makers, but under supervision.

I back to the store alone and picked a nice used guitar, a case, strap, and 2 beginner’s books with a CD. I didn’t get an amp or electric guitar accessories. I wait and get that when I can actually play. I’m doing this one step at a time. The kids you might guess the kids get quite excited and want to help or do play my guitar themselves.

I had my first guitar lesson last night. I impressed the teacher that I have remembered as much has I have. I’m the first adult student he has ever taught so the fact that I can read makes his job much easier. But still he was impressed with the figuring I have remembered and that I can do a bar cord that sounds pretty good. He sent me home with 4 pages of notes to practice. I spent 15-20 minutes practicing last night. My fingers tips were sore enough I decided pushing it too much would actually cut into practice time rather then increase it. I hope that if I do 15-20 minutes a night I might build up some calluses by my next lesson

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