Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tree Stump Garden: flower progress

The irises are all past. Most of them still have beautiful foliage. There is one that is looking rather sad. I’m hoping it is just finished for the year but I don’t think is going to make it to another season. I’ll find out next year.

The creeping phlox all bloomed beautifully. I’m hoping by next spring they will be better established and have a more impressive blanket of blooms.

The butterfly weed was devoured by something it’s second night.

The tickseed ‘Baby Sun” must also be pretty tasty. One has had a few nibbles and the other has been eaten down to the ground ever time it tires to grow another leaf. It’s relative tickseed “Moonbeam” is doing far better. Its beautiful little yellow blossoms dance in the breeze.

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