Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vegetable Gardening: Zucchini & Corn

The zucchini plants are doing very well. They have buds and blossoms developing very nicely. I was able to pick my first two this week. By the end of next week I might have enough to start sharing with my gardening neighbor.

I’m still having some difficulties with my corn. I replanted the areas where the first batch was chewed. Half of the new seedlings were chewed too. It seems some rodent likes them when they are just about 1 foot tall. If they make it past that they leave the corn alone. I need to ask around to find out what might be eating the seedlings and what I can do to protect them. The plants which have made it past a foot tall are doing quite well. I might not have enough corn for each of us to have an ear at harvest but the kids will get to see it grow.

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