Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reviving the Soul with Music

It was a wonderful night for a picnic and a concert. My office treated us to lawn tickets to see Earth Wind and Fire at Wolf Trap.

It was my first time at Wolf Trap. I’ve been wanting to go for various concerts since I moved to this area but this is the first I actually made it to something. It’s a great setting, Wolf Trap is a national park; beautiful wood structure with a nice lawn surrounded by trees. The venue is open and has real assigned seats under a roof and then there are lawn seats.

Our human resource department was at the gate before 4:30 to stand in line with blankets and at 6:30 rushed in to get space for 80 people. Then after about 10-20 more of us made it through the gates to guard the blankets they went out to get bags and trays of food. They planned a fantastic picnic. There was water, sodas, sandwiches, chips, fruit, chips, potato salad, coleslaw, etc. There was plenty for all even with my allergies. They thought of everything including glow sticks.

I was worried when they played their first 2 tunes which was their new stuff, which was good but… then they played some older and classic tunes. They were great. After 37 years they are still moving and grooving. The concert was 2 hours of wonderful music.

I felt moved to do some writing but when I pulled out the note pad the words didn’t quite flow. I jotted down a few notes. Maybe the rest will come to me later. It is amazing what a good atmosphere can do for the soul. I left the concert so uplifted and revived.

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