Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hawaiian Fabric: 2nd Dress

As I posted ‘Hawaii Fabric’ in June I purchased several fabrics while I was in Hawaii. I purchased patterns and have been working bit by bit to turn the fabric into beautiful comfortable clothes. In June I finished my first dress. Now nearly a month and a half latter I have finally finished the second outfit. It is a 2 piece dress using the same Simplicity Khaliah Ali Collection (#3805) which I used to make my first dress. For the first dress I only altered the length to fit my petite height. This time I decided to do a two-piece dress in hopes it would fit the rest of my curves better. I also altered the collar. The original seemed a bit too “pointy”. I used a piece of scrap cardboard to cut and alter the collar pieces. Lesson learned: use thinner paper to cut alternate patterns. All of the seems except the top’s center front seem are done in either a French seem or a flat felt seam. If I could only figure out how to do the front one in something similar where would be absolutely no way for the fabric to fray.

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