Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Historical Washington DC

“Historical Washington DC” sounds so redundant. I remember when I was in elementary school my mother would have to write a note if we missed school whether it was because we were sick or if we were doing something educational. I remember one time when we were going to accompany my father to Washington DC for a business trip my mother was upset that a note saying we were visiting The Smithsonian was not enough. She had to explain how the trip was going to be educational. I was young enough that I don’t remember the whole trip but I do remember going to one of the Smithsonians and seeing an Oriental Princes encased in small jade squares sewn together and many of the other stone carvings and metal sculptures which were buried with her. I remember going to the zoo and seeing many more animals then we had at our local zoo.

I live in such an amazing area that I just might start adding a few blogs about the things to see and do in the DC area. It was just voted one of the most economical places to vacation, again.

Temple DC is an interesting site which was mentioned this morning on the radio. is a website which has historical information and compares it to the streets of Washington DC. It is interesting but as a social scientist by education I am always leery of imposing our beliefs, thoughts and finding to say what someone in the past was thinking or intending.


  1. is not based upon opinion. it is based upon the writings and beliefs of the most respected masons.

    look at the books written by Albert Pike and Albert Gallatin Mackey. in addition you can not argue with Issac Newton.

    It is his drawing of Solomon's Temple that is the core of DC and its monuments.