Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vegetable Gardening: Pea Pods & Tomatoes

This week I have had the joy of walking out to my garden and be able to nibble on the fruits, well the vegetables of my labor. The peas are starting to come in. I have had 4 pods so far big enough to pick, just right for a pre-dinner snack. The plants are doing well and are starting to climb the fence on their own. There should be many more pea pods coming. I might even have enough to share with the family.

The tomato plants also seem to be doing well with their fancy metal fence. I have been using gardening Velcro type strips to tie the plants to the fence. The strips are handy since they hold the plants well but can be easily moved as the plants grow an the center of gravity changes. Do make sure the soft, female side of the strips are against the plant to avoid damaging the plant. Some how I had one on inside out and the plant is a bit scuffed up in that spot. Luckily I caught it before and real damage was done. I should start getting fresh vine-ripped tomatoes this coming week.

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