Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tree Stump Garden: Portulacas

A few weeks ago while weeding the tree stump garden I thought I recognized one of the weeds. I decided to risk leaving it to let it grow to see if I had correctly guessed what it was. I considered this slightly risky since some of the things I have let go have been a bear to get out latter. Luckily I was right this time and the little plants turned out to be Mose-rose or portulaca grandiflora.

Growing up I remember my mother planting portulacas because they were one of my father’s favorite flowers. I also remember we stopped planting them because the blossoms only last one day. By the time my father would come home from work all of the flowers would be spent and only their succulent leaves would be left, to tease him. If he was lucky he would have some time to enjoy them over the weekend. For now the days are just long enough that we are welcomed home by these beautiful pink flowers along with the other flowers of the tree stump garden.

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